“If I just walked away from them (fraud victims), what message would I be sending?”

— Richard Sabo

Rebuke and Revenge, The New York Times

“It’s a broken system. I’ve never found a state insurance department with teeth. It’s frustrating to me as a person who investigates fraud.”

— Richard Sabo

Woman’s woes raise questions about insurance regulators, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“A good starting place for anyone is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) website… but if they’re not in that system, they only have a license to sell life insurance and annuity contracts… (do you want to do business with someone who can’t handle his own finances?)…”

— Richard Sabo

Picking a Financial Advisor Late in Life, Nerdwallet

“They (brokerages) can be held liable for a rep’s actions if it spills onto them, for not doing their job.”

— Richard Sabo

Victim: Stockbroker accused of fraud stole more than $100,000, WTAE

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